The History

In the year of our Lord 1888 a terror began stalking the East End streets of historic Victorian London. A series of brutal killings occurred, known officially as the Whitechapel murders; all but one of these terrible murders were committed in public areas and in some instances right under the nose of the Police. They all occurred at the weekend and all between the hours of midnight and dawn.

Each of these murders became more and more frenzied, each one more horrific than the last, until eventually the killer’s sanity gave way.
This manifestation of evil, this most notorious of killers became known for prosperity as Jack the Ripper.

The gruesome story that we have to tell, for indeed gruesome it will be is the tale of five and only five particularly brutal murders.

Our story takes place in Queen Victoria’s London. London had become the largest and richest City in the world.

Crowds in London were flocking to see the new Opera by Gilbert and Sullivan, ‘The Yeoman of the Guard,’ whilst others were being terrified by an American actor named Richard Mansfield, whose portrayal of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was shortly to be proved very realistic indeed?

In the East End of London another macabre drama was about to be performed, it has a cast of thousands and the players are all in position…so let us set the stage.

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Shane and Sue Rhodes, Newcastle Australia
Absolutely brilliant loved every bit of the tour, our guide was marvellous I recommend this tour to everyone.
Jo – Norwich, UK
Informative tour and guide. A must do on a visit to London.
Chris & Sam, Sidcup
Great tour – we learned such a lot about Jack the Ripper and about London.
Devlin and Caron, USA
This was so good what a tour the guide was excellent pure history with a few extras thrown in but no gimmicks.